Weekly 1961 Breitling Navitimer and 1985 Rolex GMT-Master

To me, the Navitimer is a quintessential Breitling – it’s the watch I envision when I close my eyes and think of the brand. If someone wanted to amass a collection of classic models from all different brands, the Navitimer would check the Breitling box, no question. However, when you handle the original vintage one, you can understand why the brand did a re-edition in the first place. Breitling Navitimer
This early all-black dialed Navitimers with the beaded bezels are some of the most sought-after variants in the Navitimer repertoire. The all-black dial is striking on the wrist, especially with the luminous Arabic numerals. The way the sub-dials shimmer ever so slightly against the black dial has me staring at this thing all day. The Navitimer dial is busy by design, and all the different design elements just work so well together. These white-painted syringe hands help with legibility against the black dial and also give it a nice vintage aesthetic.
Besides just being a damn good-looking fake watch, the size of the Navitimer is a real crowd-pleaser. When it came out, this was quite a large watch at 40mm, but now it’s pretty standard. This is ideal for those out there who are hesitant to go for a vintage watch because many tend to be on the smaller side of the spectrum. Essentially, vintage Navitimers are perfect if you want a vintage watch with a more contemporary size. The watch we have here today has aged beautifully and is one of the nicest all-black dialed examples to hit the Shop; it’s ready for a new wrist!
Two-tone is all the rage for Rolex all of the sudden. No one saw the two-tone Explorer coming, and yet, here we are. Recently, Danny Milton made the case for the stainless steel and yellow gold combo by claiming, “two-tone is the physical embodiment of work-hard, play-hard – which was basically the decade’s whole mantra.”
Danny did a great job articulating why two-tone “isn’t ugly,” but to me, it’s a bit harder to put so eloquently. In the metal, two-tone 1:1 replica watches just hit me as either way too much or perfectly executed. There really isn’t any in-between. The 1985 GMT-Master ref. 16753 on Jubilee we have in this week’s drop just works. This is the perfect watch for all seasons but, with the weather starting to turn to spring, my mind immediately goes to leaving the bracelet a bit loose and wearing this GMT all summer.