A Must-have Rolex Datejust in Wavy New Dials

Rolex has just unveiled a new range of Oyster Perpetual Datejust 36s at the 2021 Watch Fair. Long a canvas for interesting dials, the Datejust is now available with two new dials to choose from: a festive palm motif and a deluxe fluted version paying homage to replica Rolex’s famous fluted bezel.
The tropical palm motif can be found in three new models. There is an Oyster steel version with an Oyster bracelet featuring an olive green palm motif; a Rolesor (two-tone) version with an Oyster bracelet featuring a golden palm motif dial; and a third version with a silver dial and an Everose Rolesor model with a Jubilee bracelet. In terms of fluted dials, there is a yellow gold and steel version with a gold fluted dial and white gold and steel and white gold version with a blue fluted dial.
The Datejust 36 is what many people who are not necessarily enthusiasts or interested in sports watches tend to think of when they mention Rolex. It has also been a traditional canvas for new dial designs and colorful dial treatments, so it is not surprising to see several new dial treatments in the DJ 36.
With the new tropical palm motif, fake Rolex offers another interesting design that shows quite a bit of range in the three variations introduced. I really like the olive dial paired with the Oyster steel DJ. Its plain domed bezel and white metal configuration are the mildest of the new versions, while the olive palm dial offers a very interesting pop of color.
For the fluted dial, you get a two-tone gold fluted dial, a two-tone steel and ever-rose domed bezel, and an all-white metal version paired with a blue dial. This last one brings a very cool look to the Datejust 36, which is my favorite of all the new Datejusts. But if the Datejust 36 is what many people think of when they think of Rolex, then I think the two-tone yellow gold and Oyster steel version of this model is the specific replica watches that many people have in mind. With this new dial, it feels classic, like something you’ve probably seen before. Just look at the one above.