What Does an expensive Rolex Look Like?

One of the many attractive aspects of Rolex is that the brand offers multiple price points, ranging from affordable to sky-high. While certain vintage replica Rolex watches can often cost six or even seven figures, the vast majority of new Rolex watches are priced between $5,000 and $50,000. These prices depend on several factors, but the two most important ones are the function of the watch and the materials used in its construction.
It’s not just formal Rolex watches that come with a hefty price tag. Take the super sporty Rolex Yacht Prestige. 116689, for example, which retails for $48,180. With its sturdy 44mm solid 18k white gold case, matching white gold bracelet, and a bezel made of 950 platinum, the 116689 is a $50,000 Rolex sports watch with considerable wrist impact and a state-of-the-art special movement.
Similar to the Sky-Dweller, the Rolex Yacht Prestige is a young collection (first launched in 2007) with an impressive complication that makes it the most complicated replica Rolex watch available. Thanks to its in-house caliber 4161, the Yacht Prestige has an adjustable countdown timer that can be programmed from one to ten minutes. This countdown timer has flyback and flyback functions, as well as a mechanical memory that saves the countdown values you have selected. At retail, the Rolex Yachtmaster II 116689 in white gold costs thousands of dollars more than its yellow gold counterpart and is, at present, the most expensive Yachtmaster watch available.
It is no coincidence that the most expensive Rolex watches are usually precious metal versions of the brand’s most complicated models. Gold and platinum are inherently more expensive than stainless steel, and technically complex movements require more components and are more difficult and costly to manufacture. Aside from the Sky-Dweller and Yacht-Master II, Rolex’s third most complex movement is the caliber 4130 chronographs in the Daytona, so it’s no surprise that the yellow gold and platinum models of the Rolex Daytona are among the most expensive in the brand’s catalog.
Rolex Daytona solid gold watches start at $10,000 less than the price of a Sky-Dweller gold watch and go up depending on the type of gold (white and stellar gold cost more than yellow gold), the bracelet style (gold bracelets cost more than Oysterflex bracelets), and the dial style of the watch (options like meteorite and diamond hour markers are naturally more expensive). With that in mind, like almost all fake Rolex Daytona models, expect to pay a high price unless you plan to spend some time on the waiting list, with the Everose Daytona 116505 regularly reaching $50,000+ on the open market.
While a significant number of Rolex platinum models will cost more than $50,000, this price range still gives you access to many of the most expensive and exclusive models in the brand’s current lineup, such as some of the brand’s most desirable and technologically advanced solid gold versions.